I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in the Parish of St. Catherine, Spanish Town. I am from a very humble beginning as far as I know, being the (4th) of five children for my mother Patricia Vernon. We were always bonded though dysfunctional. I was born in the month September 11th I was baptized at age ten (10). From as early as age six (6), I am told my dream, my ambition was to become a pastor. In my spare time I take time out always to socialize, play football, play the drums, memorize philosophical phrases, and write speeches, poetry and giving a lot of trouble. I am jovial, industrious, and humble and am a prolific young man, with my work inextricably tied to success. From basic school, strait up to high school, even in church, I always was selected to lead; I saw myself as a motivator and an achiever.

I was the president for the Inter School Christian Fraternity (I.S.C.F.); Member of the Drama and Spanish club and president for the Prefects body and Head Boy. In my community people always view me as an outstanding and prolific person. I am one of the leaders and founders of the Lauriston/Thompson Pen Community 4-H Club for over ten (10) years now, Former president for the St. Catherine Youth Organization, Deputy Chairperson for the Inner City Basic Service Project The Jamaica Social Investment Funds (J.S.I.F), I was the Parish Advisor for the Jamaica 4-H Clubs/ Speech and Voice Trainer. I am the program manager for The Leaders of the Nations Ministry; I was appointed and ordained a Youth Minister and was charged by the hand of God to perform in three main areas, they are: – Humanitarianism, Spiritualism and Leadership Development.

Thus I work emphatically and was inspired through many committed studies and researches, through the sincere guidance of the Holy Spirit to write three books soon to be published, entitled; Come taste and See – The Spiritual Revelation of the Bible, My Perfectly Shaded Skin- Poetry just the way you like it and Empowered to Serve- Igniting a fire in you My biography continues as there are a lot more I will achieve; so long as God says so, Presently am an Officer who teaches in the Juvenile facilities in Jamaica, Gospel and Cultural Dub Poet, Radio Presenter at UFDV online gospel station.

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