DR COLIN O’NEIL JARRETT; a son of a Baptist Minister of the Jamaica Baptist Union; the late Rev Dr Harry Jarrett and the late Dr Clover Jarrett; a Registered Nurse, Nursing Educator and Counselling Psychologist, Colin has been a musician for most of his life having been taught music by his mother; who was an accomplished Pianist and Organist. He did formal music and did tertiary level training in Business Education, Music Education, Marketing, Administration, Health Administration, Mass Communication and is an Assistant Church Organist of the historical East Queen Street Baptist Church in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. He is former Music Director of the East Queen Street Circuit of Baptist Churches Circuit Evangelism Choir of 100 voices. He is also former Chairman of the Jamaica Baptist Youth Department, former Deputy Chairman, St James Red Cross and Former Adviser to the Mayor of Montego Bay Noel Donaldson. He has been involved at LOVE FM as News Writer, News Editor and News Presenter for the past 20 years. His wide experience in Music Education, Mass Communication, Church Music and Gospel Music make him the preferred choice as he brings all into the mix. Dr Jarrett received an International Award; endorsed by the White House and former US President Barack Obama for Outstanding Contribution to Leadership, Education and Music in the Caribbean in 2015. Dr Colin O Jarrett is President and Chief Executive Officer of Health, Education and Counselling Institute/HECOIN Jamaica and Haiti (an international flagship educational institution) along with Creative Recruiting Employment Services/CRES Immigration Consulting Firm. Join him for the BEST of GOSPEL MUSIC EVER heard on RADIO at 4PM-6PM (Jamaica time) for AWE IT’s SUNDAY. He has been a Child of God since 1979 and is an active member at the East Queen Street Baptist Church in Jamaica where he sits on many committees including Music, Youth and Administration. Dr Jarrett is a Motivational Speaker and has spoken at several Graduation Ceremonies and Youth Conferences. He has adjudicated at many music competitions for the Baptist Denomination and conducted Choir training/Voice Training in and out of the Baptist Denomination. Dr Jarrett sits on the Management Team of Awe Radio Internet Radio Station.

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